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الآلة الحاسبة طلب تأجير تمويلي آرائكم بحث أدوات المساعدة

A strategic partnership between Himmetna Charitable Association and The Specialized Leasing Company

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Within the framework of the Specialized Leasing Company’s on developing local communities in Jordan, and out of its belief in the importance of the private sector’s role in the CSR activities, the company rehabilitated a number of health centers and a number of charitable societies, as it supported the Himmetna Project (3), which is to rehabilitate and develop Princess Basma Health Center, which is one of the main health centers in the Ras Al-Ain area in the capital, Amman, by providing financial support to equip a dental clinic with all its equipment, especially that the total population served by the center is 750,000 people of different age groups.

This cooperation is the second of its kind between Specialized Leasing Company and Himmetna Charitable Association, where the company supported the Himmetna initiative (1) by covering the costs of a beds for patients in the rehabilitation project of the oncology department at Al-Bashir Hospital in 2019, in support of the health sector in Jordan, and empowering its institutions to improve the level of health services provided to citizens.

It's worth mentioning that Himmetna Charitable Association which was established in 2019, seeks to consolidate the right of patients to receive proper treatment with justice, a safe environment and conditions that preserve their dignity and humanity, by preparing treatment centers according to international standards and promoting the concept of cooperation between private sector institutions and civil society institutions to support the government sector.