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الآلة الحاسبة طلب تأجير تمويلي آرائكم بحث أدوات المساعدة

A seminar about financial leasing at Petra university for its students, organized by Specialized Leasing company

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Specialized Leasing Company held an introductory seminar about financial leasing and the company services for Petra University students - Department of Finance and Banking, where the students learned about many topics related to their studies such as the concept of financial leasing, the law of financial leasing, and the sectors benefiting from financial leasing and many other topics.

From its side, Petra University handed the Specialized Leasing Company a shield in appreciation of its efforts for this initiative, which aims to spread awareness about financial leasing and prepare Jordanian youth for the labor market. also, there will be a coordination between the company and the university to train the students who are about to graduate at the company’s offices.